Summer of 2018

Summer is always the busiest time of the year. With the weather forecast promising a warm summer this year, we are really looking forward to this one.  South of England is known for it´s nice climate in the summer, which is much different from the north of the country.

The B&B concept gives you as a visitor the freedom to come and go if you want. Daily excursions to the scenic views in the surroundings are available from the city center. Here at the front desk we are happy to guide you to the best tours available. For a rainy day, indoor activities are available. Video games, movies, Bronze Casino Games and a lot more is available.

Even though it might not be football season until August, you can always take the stadium tour at Kassam Stadium nearby. The full tour schedule can be found on Oxford United website. The League One football club are hoping for a promotion to Championship next year, after a somewhat dissapointing season.

We welcome you to come here this summer and enjoy the full range of activities available. We will of course show the Football World Cup in the lobby for those who support England and other countries. Contact us for more information and schedule.

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