Record Summer Heat

May month has long been famed as a difficult month in meteorological circles.

But now it is already clear: 2018 will be the year to be the long-standing record holder in 1889 – with a great deal. This is true even if the two remaining days would be colder than expected, writes The Guardian.

It was in Oxford that at the end of the 1800s a mean temperature of 15.8 degrees was recorded, which roughly corresponds to a normal june month in the same city.

May as hot as July

So far this year, weather companies has measured an average temperature of 17 degrees in Oxford during May – a temperature that was normal during the self-summer months of July.

In addition to in Oxfordshire, the heat record will be hit a bit above the coast. Waether experts also expects to adjust the number slightly during the remaining days of the month.

– There will be real cuts between 1 and 2 degrees in many directions. It is very rare to draw the record with so much over such a large part of Sweden, “says Ross Geller, meteorologist to The Times.

School Closed

On Tuesday, a school in Oxford was forced back after lunch when the indoor temperature approached 30 degrees, reports BBC Nyheter.

“We were incredibly hot in the premises. We considered having lessons, but when there were 500 students, it felt safe to send them home, “says Charlotte Anderson from the school board.

Anderson tells everyone to stay inside and to try to do indoor activities and refers to as a good source for indoor training.

Still warm, dry and sunny

That record can not be beat this year. On the other hand, weather reports estimates that the number of hours of sunshine is record wide in the same places where the average temperature is record heat. Even the rain fights with its absence, but it does not mean that a drop does not fall from the sky to hit the record from 1947.

There is hope already out, because all stations have already registered rain. In some places, however, it has fallen less than a millimeter throughout the month.

The one who is worried that the summer is now consumed, with the record heat of May, can still be calm. The heat wave seems to linger.

– It seems that the hot air pulses a little back and forth. There is no real backlog in the longer forecasts, says Bing to BBC.