Oxfordshire County

About Oxfordshire County

Oxfordshire County is a county in the South East of England with its borders next to Warwickshire, Nothamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. It covers an area of 2605 square kilometre (or 1006 sq mile), which makes it the 19th biggest out of 27 counties in the UK.  It has a population of 654 800 people, making it the 16th biggest county in terms of population. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron represents the county in the parliament.


Education in Oxfordshire County

Oxfordshire County has a complete system of 23 independent schools and 35 state schools. It has two universities: Oxford Brokes University, and the more famous University of Oxford. When visiting Henley-on-Thames or any other city nearby it is definitely worth to pay a visit to the world famous university.

The University was established back in 1096 and has ever since had a great reputation in the United Kingdom and in the rest of the world.  In 2014 it hosted 22 348 students in total and among the alumnus you’ll find 27 Nobel prize winners and 26 English prime ministers. You also find other great politicians, economists and athletes among that list.

Places of interest in Oxfordshire County

In addition to the famous University of Oxford there are a few other spots worth visiting when in Oxfordshire County. In Henley-on-Thames you have the famous Dorchester Abbey Church from the 13th century and the world famous rowing museum. In the county you also have the Buscot Park and the Charlbury Museum.