Staying at a B&B

When choosing between different options for your vacation there are a number of factors to consider. First and foremost, what is most important to stay close to? Is it the ocean, river or other water or do you prefer to stay in the city centre, close to pubs and restaurants, and walk or take a taxi to the waterfront. Do you enjoy the personal relations found in a hostel or B&B or do you want the privacy of your own hotel room or suite. Then of course, you’ve got the budget issue. How much are you willing to spend on accommodation contra doing things during the vacation.


Advantages of staying at a B&B

  • B&Bs are great for people on a longer vacation
    If you need a cheap place where you can keep your belongings and sleep at night before going out again bed and breakfast is the perfect solution for your travelling needs.
  • B&Bs are great when not planning to stay much at the place of accommodation
    Staying at someone’s house could be tough if you do not know the person that well. If you are planning a lot of your vacation inside of the place of accommodation B&B may not be right accommodation type for you.
  • B&Bs are great when travelling on a budget.
    With some exceptions B&Bs together with hostels are the cheapest way to get around when travelling. In addition, hence the name, you will get a breakfast included each morning.

Disadvantages of staying at a B&B

  • The standard of living will probably be lower than in a hotel
    Truth to be told, most hotels today will offer a higher standard of accommodation than most B&Bs will. However, some B&Bs, especially by the coast or a river can provide scenic views that a city centre hotel cannot compete with.
  • You may not get the same privacy as when staying at a hotel
    Most B&Bs are located under the same roof as of the family or person living there, which naturally takes away some of the privacy that you most likely will be used to, both from your own home and from staying at regular hotels. So, if you are going on a honeymoon, you might want to avoid staying in someone else’s home.

You will most likely have to share bathroom with other people
Since most B&Bs are located in regular private homes the toilet and bathrooms will most of the time be shared together with other guests and/or the family living there.